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Installing Bit, and other packages

The first part of our course will use a graphical library called Bit.

To use Bit, you need to install the byubit library. Open PyCharm select:

  • Windows: File ➡️ Settings
  • MacOS: PyCharm ➡️ Preferences

Then select Project and Python Interpreter. The settings/preferences window should look like this:

pycharm settings to install packages

If you used miniconda to manage your environment, you’ll see a green circle near the + sign. Uncheck this circle before continuing.

Click on the + sign:

pycharm settings click install

Then type byubit and click the Install button:

pycharm settings, installing byubit

When it is finished installing, close this window and you should see a bunch of packages installed:

pycharm settings, packages installed

You can close this window as well.