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Enable Linux on Chromebook

See a TA while following these instructions


  • Just use the Quick command line install instructions for Linux.
  • Then conda create -n cs110 matplotlib pytest
  • Finally, conda run -n cs110 python -m pip install -U byu_pytest_utils byubit

Download Pycharm


  • Download the tar.gz for Linux version of the Community edition (You have to scroll down a bit)

    • Maybe try the AMD version, it might avoid the JRE error described below.
    • Additionally apparently a command line version of the installation exist and that might also be better.
  • Unpack the pycharm folder to the Linux Files Folder (You can just double click tar.gz and copy the folder over)

  • Run cd ./pycharm-community-2023.2.1/bin/ or whatever version of pycharm was installed

  • Then bash ./

    • If you have the no JRE found error:

      • Run sudo apt-get install openjdk-17-jdk

      • Run PYCHARM_JDK=/usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk-amd64 bash pycharm-community-2023.2.1/bin/

      • If you did this you must run this every time

  • When Pycharm launches you want to go Settings>Make Desktop… unless you ran the complicated way.

  • Then continue set-up as usual