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Getting Help

The best way to contact course staff is through the course Discord server. If you have not already, please join our Discord server. The invitation link is in Canvas. Contact a TA or instructor if the link is not working or you need help. Instructor office hours are below.

Come to the TA office! We love to help! :-)

The TA office is TMCB 1119. The schedule below shows when there are TAs in the office that can help you.

Anyone can come to get help. If you would like a TA to help you, join the TA Help Queue and enter a concise but complete message about what help you need.

If you wish to meet with a TA over Discord video, indicate your username to the TA in the help queue message. If you want to use Zoom, please send your Zoom link to a TA through the help queue message.

Whether in-person or online, join the help queue here: CS110 Help Queue

9:00Max, Evan, CassidyEvan, Robert, JocelynEvan, CassidyJocelyn, CassidyAlmendra, Cassidy, Porter, Robert, Bridget, Evan
10:00Max, Preston,RamezMatthewPetersonJocelyn, MatthewAlmendra, Porter, Jocelyn, Robert, Bridget
11:00MatthewDevotionalMatthew, PetersonAlex, Andy, Porter, Bridget, Max,RamezMadison, Max, Cassidy, Robert
12:00Alex, Brian, Ethan, Porter, Robert, BridgetAlex, Madison, Andy, Porter, JocelynAlex, Brian, Ethan, Porter, Robert, BridgetAlex, Madison, Andy, Mackensey, Porter, Jocelyn, BridgetMadison, Cassidy, Robert, Bridget, Landon
1:00Brian, Max, Eliza, Porter, AndyMadison, Max, Jocelyn, Spencer,RamezMadison, Brian, Max, Eliza, PorterMadison, Mackensey, Jocelyn, Spencer, Bridget,RamezMadison, Eliza, Robert, Landon
2:00Andy, Mackensey, Max, Eliza, Porter, Jocelyn, Robert, BridgetAlex, Max, Spencer, Robert, Matthew,RamezMadison, Max, Eliza, Preston, Robert, Bridget, JocelynAlex, Ethan, Bridget, Robert, Spencer, Matthew,RamezPreston, Anna, Bridget, Robert, Ramez, Landon
3:00Alex, Andy, Mackensey, Max, Porter, Anna, Robert, Bridget, Evan,RamezSpencer, RobertAlex, Max, Evan, Preston, Robert, BridgetMadison, Spencer, RobertEvan, Preston, Anna, Landon
4:00TA MeetingAlex, MatthewEvan, Preston, Bridget, LandonAlex, Madison, Mackensey, MatthewEvan, Preston, Anna
5:00Alex, Madison, Evan, Anna, LandonAlex, Andy - OnlineEvan, Preston, LandonAlex, Mackensey, Andy - onlineEvan, Anna
6:00Evan, Anna, LandonCassidy, Bridget, Andy - OnlineEvan, Cassidy, Anna, LandonAndy - onlineEvan, Anna
7:00Bridget, Madison-OnlineAlmendra
8:00Madison - Online, AlmendraAlmendra

Instructor Office Hours

  • Angela Jones: TMCB 1126 – T/Th 9:30-10:45 and by appointment

  • Gordon Bean: TMCB 2252 – Various times – Schedule an appointment

  • Xinru Page: TMCB 3325 - T/Th 2-3pm

Office hours are a time when you can visit the instructor personally. You can use that time to talk about anything that is important to you, from help on an assignment to advice about school or employment to discussing personal challenges or learning more about the instructor’s own experiences.

You do not typically need to schedule with the instructor if you are going to his or her office during posted office hours. Just show up! If you have a more personal or urgent issue you would like to discuss, you can message your instructor on Discord or by email to set up a time to meet privately.

Office hours give you the opportunity to create a more personal relationship with your instructor. These relationships give a foundation for future letters of recommendation and other forms of professional networking.

Talk to each other! Learning from each other is a core part of the course.

The Discord space is for you. Feel free to talk together on Discord about how to understand the material. Just don’t cheat! See the course syllabus for guidance.

Message us!

If you are unable to make it to office hours, or you work better via online interactions, ask a question in a Discord channel or direct message (DM) us on Discord.

Contact instructors if: You have logistical questions or concerns, you are still struggling after you have talked with the TAs, or you have experienced an unwelcoming environment in the class.

Contact TAs if: You need help with any of the course content or assignments.